Some personal favourites in learning material and news.


The Unicorn Project

The “sequel” to “The Phoenix Project”. The timeline in the book overlaps with that of “The Phoenix Project”, and portrays the perspective of development rather than operations. I found this book slightly more technical than it’s predecessor, but it still presents key teachings about DevOps in a well written story format from a developer point of view.

The Phoenix Project

A simple and straightforward book about applying lean manufacturing principles to organizations and their IT-operations/Software development. More about the culture shift required on a high level, as opposed to low-level technical details.

The Lean Startup

It’s hard to summarize just how much this book taught me. Everything from lean manufacturing and short development cycles, to finding and tracking the correct metrics for your software product. If you’re in software development or product development, read it.


Podcasts currently in rotation.

Mostly focused on discussing the large cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, GCP), cloud certifications, cloud native technologies and DevOps.

DevOps Radio

Anything and everything DevOps. Strategies for delivery, tools and measuring effects. Guests share their own DevOps-implementation journeys and experiences.


Some courses I’ve done.


Linux Academy


Linux Academy